Wow – what a start back to the week.

Started off with over sleeping, and carried on from there with busy busy busy… It’s a pay check, and I am grateful for it. It can be very easy to come to resent going in to work each week. But I try to remind myself that it could be far worse, I could have nowhere to go, or worse yet to a job I actually hate.

With that said, I really am coming to look forward to being home for a bit in July. I really wish I could find a way to make it last a bit longer. I’m going to work on that lol…

In the mean time, just gotta keep fighting the good fight and leveraging my way financially to the places that I need to be.

Now then, on to more fun things …. TV show cancellations! Holy Crap! Law and Order, FlashForward, Heroes… and whats next? Though it does fit with my theme of giving up on more shows left and right. (Tudors/Treme) And many more of my favorite shows heading into their off season. I might actually have time to keep up with other distractions more easily lol.

Seriously though I have GOT to continue my grand purge of tv shows so that I am not spending so much of my weeks just catching up the DVR. This is just another step in my endeavor to become more social and to build more time into my days to do something active as well.

It really is a constant effort isn’t it?

Oh and good news! I got invited to our company’s Appreciation Dinner, where I will be presented with an appreciation award. There is a part of me that wants to say,” ABOUT DAMN TIME!”  But, the better part of me is just grateful that it came along at all.

The only problem is it is at almost the exact same time as my dental appointment that I have been waiting two weeks for… Hoping to reschedule to later in the day.

Right then… off I go.