So I totally forgot about writing last night.

I have been in quite the geeky mood lately, attempting a lot of things that normally I wouldn't. Not because I can't or because they are difficult, but just because I haven't been in the mood.

I have most recently transfered and setup my calendar and contacts in the "cloud" now so that my desktop/iPad/iPod/Phone all auto sync anytime a changes is made on any one of the devices. With the exception of the phone calendar, since goolge sync doesn't support multiple calendars on windows mobile, much to my surprise and irritation.

This has, however, served to force me to make the final decision, if no Verizon iPhone announced in a few weeks then it looks like I will be going Android. At least for a year.

I just have issues with moving to AT&T and I am not sure that I would be able to sell it to all required parties anyway.

I DO know that this phone has GOT to go and soon! I have lived on winmo for as long as I can. It's time to ditch the last of windows from my day to day life.

So that is what distracted me last night, getting my calendars fixed on the phone after I discovered the google glitch.

And now I am in search of a new geek endeavor. Setting up a hackintosh on a netbook. With the help of YouTube, a contact at work, and my own geekieness, this should be fun!

Lot's of Geek pleasure as of late. I really do enjoy being a geek most of the time, except those times it leads me into trouble lol.

Right then... off I go!