So the last few of these have been rather scant. Life just happens that way some times.

I've been preoccupied with several geeky ideas, projects, and musings. Add to that trying to figure out how to walk more, or at least increase my walking distance/stamina while developing a new and special kind of tearing sort of pain my left heel that just seems odd and at random times...

And trying to cut back on portions while figuring out better meals in some way to become even just a little bit smaller.

And its been interesting.

I really want to drop some weight before I drive home, if for no other reason than to just be comfortable in the truck for that length of time. But also because I am REALLY wanting to go to DollyWood while I am in TN, but right now I just can't and am still not sure I will be able to.

I really don't think my back is going to let me, and it's SERIOUSLY frustrating.

I can deal with limitations, but I want to be able to walk/stand at least for 10 minutes at a stretch so that I can at least mildly enjoy the day there. I just don't know if its even going to happen.

Did I mention it's so frustrating?

On a related but happier note, I got to go out to dinner with some great friends on Sunday. We went out for a belated birthday dinner for me. They took me to the Nordic Lodge.  And in addition to the (you must forgive me as this description as it is required for accuracy and honesty reasons) "frakking ultra-fuckable sexy security guard" they had runnin round the palce.. the food was fantastic!

I've never seen so much food, in such abundance and of such a high quality all in one place in all my life! I ate two plates worth of this crazy food, and a plate of desert... I was so full I couldn't stand myself, but it was so good I wanted to go back and do it all over again!!

I didn't though.

As for this guard... OMG at least 6'8", broad shoulders, blonde buzz cut, unbelieveable chest/torso/butt/legs/arms.... sigh... and these ultra mysterious sunglasses that wrapped all the way around fitting his face totally hiding his eyes.

MERCY! Those clothes wore him well!

I actually stopped mid sentence while talking when I spotted him lol. And I didn't even care haha.

It really was a lovely day all around. Good food, good friends, good convo, good eye candy..

Now then, as for the geeky type projects.

For the current project: I made good on an ebay auction and came away with a netbook that has the perfect qualifications and set up to allow for being converted into a dual boot machine running OS X and Windows XP. I even managed to get one with already upgraded RAM and battery, an extra charger AND a case. :)

It's the MSI U100 Wind:

Only the one I got is in white.

I was able to see one of these lil freaks up close in person and I must say I was quite impressed. Very snappy and handy. I am anxious to get it home and get going on it. I can't help but wonder about maybe doing Windows 7 on it in place of the XP.. But I'm rather concerned about the performance hit it would take?

Something to look into.

While in the same vein of tech, I and millions of others are waiting for the June 7 announcement from Apple on the future of the iPhone and the possible additional home on Verizon. I know it's a long shot, and probably NOT going to happen... but I keep hoping.

Otherwise I think it is probably going to be best to just stay put, go with the DROID on a 1 year contract and wait it out in hopes of better iPhone luck next year. As ready as I am to just chuck it all and heave to over to AT&T, I'm not sure the other person on the account is, and all the hassle that would be involved, not to mention having to wait until December to do so.

I just don't think I can take that much more of Windows Mobile in my life. Not in this version anyway.

I had hoped the HTC HD2 would come out on Verizon as it had been predicted, but yet again Verizon let the SERIOUS phone go right but, and T-Mobile, of all companies, picked it up... It is just so sad to see such a powerful and outstanding device be paired up with such a crap carrier.

I am honestly astounded that they even still exist at this point.

In other news, it is confirmed I will be starting my new shift at work next week. I am excited to be moved into it, but also nervous as well. New dynamics and such.

I know the people I will be working with, they are good people, but the difference of a few hours and occasional overtime covering shifts and "all the time" can make for a different sort of life. Getting used to how each other does things and so on. I still think it will be good, and the money will certainly be welcome.

I just hope things go as smoothly and in the way that I want them to go.

And the overtime continues. I honestly am just shocked at how much there continues to be there to be had. I keep expecting it to be shut down, but it keeps on going. And for as long as I can stand it, I am gonna keep on soakin it up.

These next two weeks though are going to be different and a bit tiring, as I adjust to a new shift, have only 2 instead of 3 days off each week, as I have become accustomed to, and then of course the OT mixed in.

Busy, tiring, but worth it.

I am rather looking forward to moving away from some people though, as the nit picking over the stupidest and most inconsequential stuff is just beyond lunacy. How these people survive their day to day lives without having their bubble's burst day after day is beyond me. I guess I'm just the prick that seems to be sharpest enough to threaten the bubble this week.

I seem to have used too much logic again.. It keeps getting me in trouble.

And now on to more pleasant items...

With the schedule change moving into full effect, I was able to work it out so that I can actually get an extra day home in July on my Vacation. And I've not even told anyone! lol Well I suppose if they read this they will know but yeah.. details details.

While I am home I will actually be doing even a bit of traveling inside of the traveling .... Should be fun but this is gonna be odd... And I may even be making a new friend who might become a roommate. But nothing is decided or for sure yet.

However, I am very tempted and open to the possibility. We will just have to see how we get along and so forth.

Well then, this was a lovely long catch up post, and only scratched the surface... But I'm off to relax before I work a Tuesday, of all the odd things. It's just not right.. I mean honestly, who works on a blessed TUESDAY?!


PS. Thanks Ma' Universe for all that you have given me, and continue to steer my path towards. I am most grateful for the good fortunes that are in my life and the ones yet to be. I hope that with your loving energy I will be able to reach at least some form of my goals as I continue through the flow that is life.