Somehow I have gotten very very good at avoiding doing some of the simplest things that I need to do.

For ex. I have been meaning to call the doctors office for 3 weeks to get a bill straightened out, another doc for a refill, and yet another to reschedule an appointment. What is wrong with me?

Well why am I delaying this so long?

I wish more places offered email support or something like that, or at least later hours to call and talk to someone.

Other than that I seem to be ok with getting stuff done... well other than the normal human tendencies to delay somethings.

So today I got up, messed around online for a short while and then made a trip out to get lunch where within the 10 minute ride I managed to break my promise to myself to only get a fraction of my normal meal size.

Have I mentioned I hate food?

Right then... lazy day nothing really to discuss... And I'm not doing another depressing blog post so yeah...

There is good news, as in I missed the delivery of the netbook today because the shipper gave me the wrong tracking # so I didn't know to be up to get it. But I will pick it up tomorrow! Then after a brief visit with the Dentist for the last of the filings and likely a nap after that, I will be getting the XP install all set up. Though I am going to have to wait to get the dual boot running till next week when the external DVD drive gets here.

This should be fun as long as it all goes as planned. And I really hope it does.