This is the first post brought to you by the latest bit of tech in my life, MSI-U100 Wind.

So far I am liking the device, the wifi seems a touch flaky but that is probably just windows.  However, I may have fixed it. Maybe.

This keyboard is seriously small though, but it's usable. It is a netbook after all.

I have gone through and done all the usual set up and customizing BUT I can't help but wonder if I wasted a bit of time in case I need to do a whole fresh install when I create the dual boot... Not sure, but this was good practice for getting re-acquainted with setting up a windows machine.

So then, this week I am headed into my last week of my current work schedule. I am rather looking forward to getting started with the new schedule but there is always the apprehension of a change.

So yeah I'm all distracted with newness, and last minute things to get done before I have to hit the sack for the night to start this last "normal" week.

Off we go!