Holy crap some days I really feel like I could loose my grip on sanity.

If I'm not careful it becomes really easy to let myself go into a sea of shopping and irresponsibility and just general lunacy.

And then there are those moments where I just don't manage my frustration as well as I should.

Which often leads to me venting more than I should at just one person. Sometimes it sucks being human...

Why hasn't someone made a Doctor Who video game for the Xbox or something yet? I mean honestly I would buy that in a minute!

Speaking of buying things, I was offered, and very nearly accepted, at TV today. It would have been quite perfect. Right size, right price, right accessories, right options, wrong time.

I fear however that when the time comes for that upgrade I am going to have to ensure I purchase from somewhere that will haul away my old one, because universe only knows how the devil I'ma get that beast out of here! It's HUGE!

yes yes... I know... "Thats what she/he said.."

For the record, I did the responsible thing and said no. Mainly because I have paid off that card twice this year now, AND, I know that I am likely going to be buying a new phone in the next few weeks. So yeah... go me!

This is proving to be an interesting week. I only hope that I have the patience, and stamina to bite my tongue when needed and to just ignore the rest flat out. I can't wait to be moved further away from our first shift. I am so sick of walking on eggshells and having to defend myself at every damned turn, as if I am such a frakking moron that doesn't have a clue what he is doing.

I have been doing it for a while after all, and I feel I've rather sound judgement. It would really be nice to be at least mildly respected in that I have some experience at it. I just get so sick of one group getting to dictate to the rest, because they feel entitled or some nonsense. It's boring, old, uninteresting, and rude.


So you see what I mean, the last grips I have on my sanity are being tested. Or perhaps it's not sanity that is being tested, but rather my endurance and patience.

I need to get moved to the new shift, and a good vacation. Oh and to finally sort out the chiropractor situation.

Right then... off I go.