That seems to be the insurance motto.

For reasons that continue to elude me, my insurance is legally allowed to refuse me services and medications that my TRAINED AND CERTIFIED physician says are warranted.

Now, while I still wouldn't agree with them I might be willing to listen to their argument if they hadn't already told me they have no doctor on staff to review such things. So how is it again that a random data entry clerk knows better than the trained doctor??

It just doesn't seem like this is something that could be legal. Where was this tidbit with the HCR bill or yore?

It's idiocy like this that leads people to truly hate insurance companies.


On a lighter note, tomorrow should be dual boot build day! woo!!! Just gotta go pick up the missing piece to the puzzle...The external DVD burner drive :)

I really do hope this goes as smoothly as it looks like it should. I will be a very very happy young man!

And now it would seem the muscle relaxers are kicking in with some gusto, so I'ma go chill and let them do their thing. Perhaps an early night to bed? This week though is the week that I have to shift the sleeping pattern more permanently in favor for the new schedule. A bit of adjustment but worth it I believe.