My home internet has gone to a total of 30 kps or less for a download speed. My upload speed is faster than it has EVER been.

As of right now I am tethered to my cell phone because the 3G data connection is leaps faster than my alleged HSD now.

Urgh I'm hoping that just swapping the modem out to a new one will help, but failing that it means it will be nearly a week before I can have someone out to fix it...

ME! A week without internet! This will not be pretty at all!

Perhaps I will get some reading done though.

In the news of noise, it seems there is at least one more week of work being done to my apartment building... we are in the super loud fun stage right now, complete with diesel generated compressors pumping exhaust and noise into bedrooms, compressor driven jackhammers to the walls, uber loud quick lifts.. All running from 7am to around 3 or 4 pm.

This is REALLY becoming a problem.

Sigh... off we go into the new work schedule and for a long work week.