One shift down, three to go.

So far so go, I think this is going to work out rather well. Though I am anxious to be through this week and just have a weekend to relax. This is a week of BIG overtime.

On the plus side I did finally get the wifi running again on the netbook. Which means it now dual boots both Windows XP and OS X with working wifi! I’m so flippin happy I just can’t express it.

This was one of those projects that was REALLY looking like it had hit a dead end. Good thing I was fine with pulling the netbook apart and just giving a shot to reseating the wifi card, that solved the whole thing!

Once again just one of those times I am glad to be a geek. It’s a curse and a blessing, a curse because I can get myself into some truly crap situations knowing that there has to be a way to do what I want to do, and spending hours and hours searching to find it.

And just when you think all hope is lost…. Poof! SUCCESS!

And a blessing that I can take on these tasks with gusto and just work at finding the solution. And to find ways of doing things that are not only fun to me, but useful in life in general. It’s so nice to be self reliant in that manner.

Plus, it’s such a great feeling. A goal met, a challenge conquered. Now if only I could get myself to apply this same tenacity to the dietary goals I need to meet. It just seems to be so much more satisfying to reach the goals, but so much of long term challenge that eventually the stamina just goes away.

A life goal to keep working at I suppose… Even when I fall and skin my proverbial knee’s trying over and over again.

But then I guess that is the process of life isn’t it?

Right then, that’s enough deep thought after a 13.5 hour shift…