Sometimes tech is a collection of misadventures.

Last night I decided I was going to give the dual boot a shot at running a later version of OS X, but the “little netbook that could” was having none of it.

Talk about glitchy! Whew! So I went back to what DID work, and resetup the whole os install a 3rd time! Lesson learned; don’t push your luck!

Which is a good lesson to remember most of the time.

It is often these words that keep us from tempting the thing from high atop the place and then angering it into retaliation. Sometimes referred to as bad luck. Though it is as much a matter of using better judgment than luck.

But then what in life isn’t a matter of using good judgment? And what of those times when good judgment needs to be thrown to the wind and just let the shards of reality land where they will?

Life really is rather boring if we don’t tempt the thing from high atop the place sometimes, you just have to be sure your gambling with something you’re willing to lose. If you’re not willing or able to pay the price then best hang on to that good judgment.

Sounds very simple, but in the day to day it can be one of the biggest challenges we face a million times in a million tiny ways. Each movement affecting a ripple across the surface of not just our energy, but that of those around us and so on.

And heaven knows I have heaved a boulder or two into the pond a few times and had the return wave smack me in the face, though on occasion I have gotten away without a drop on me :-) Those are the fun ones!

I guess what I am still trying to learn and actually practice is how to temper my instant responses with what I know I should do that is best not only for me, but for those around me.