After working 3 13.5 hour shifts in a row and another 12hours plus another 4... I need a nap!! That's 56.5 hours in 4 days.

I'm a bit pooped...

However, this will indeed make for an improved payday and help to pay for the upcoming vacation, and not to mention help to replace what was spent on the new phone that has yet to ship and which is taunting me with its delayed shipping departure date.


So at last I think the laptop project is near major completion. There are of course a few programs left to install as needed but when I am home and have the time to actually mess with it - and to move the itunes library over as well. Oh and of course printer settings.

Today I opened it up again and installed a new motherboard battery, to solve the mysterious time shifting issue. So far So good.

That was a bit interesting since the one installed was one with a shrink wrap on it and a pig tail wire connected instead of a socket. And low and behold... the wiring was PART of the battery so that required a bit of improvising and force.. good thing I had electrical tape handy :)

It feels good to be able to do these things and be comfortable with it.

Yes yes I know - no one cares about this anymore but me lol ... but it's my blog so yeah!

Aside from getting some much needed rest and sleep this weekend I also have some big plans to do some serious cleaning through the apartment. Just some overdue items... I need a cleaning lady, well someone who works for free but works like they are being paid hehe.

I'm also rather anxious to make my 2nd visit to the new chiropractor, hopefully there will be more and in depth adjustments this time instead of just the starter point we were at last week.

I'm trying to get in the best possible condition I can so that I can do more for the physical activity side of my life. I really want to be able to do more and its going to take more than diet, exercise, and weight loss.

There are just some things that are going to have to be attended to.

Last week on the initial visit the doc found that I have had so much tension in my back built up for so long now that I have developed scar tissue that he is going to have to fight through. He did some work to break it up - read as OUCH!! - which did help but yeah still looking for the more meaningful adjustments.

Sigh.. lots of  little things, some personally big things, but accomplishments none the less.