So this post is a bit delayed. Look it's what happens when ya work 56.5 hours in 4 days.

At some point your body say, "thats it, I've had it... we are sleeping till next month."

I feel much more rested, though my back is sore from sleeping too long. Sigh.. its a vicious cycle. But anyhow, I'm back and its the weekend!! Happy Tuesday!!

I must say, that I am enjoying the OT in the manner of increases on the pay check... BUT... I am also very much ready for my vacation in July.

Hmm... yeah I can't come up with a clever transition from that so this is what you get.

It's been interesting weather wise ... wait no.. Im not going to talk about the weather.. well aside from the couple COOL thunderstorms.

sigh... wow I'm boring lol.

Ok since this is a scatter shot random non-linear post...

Still waiting on the new phone to ship, but did find out good news that no rate plan increase as anticipated so thats a bonus.

The netbook is still running good, with the exception of XP and OS X both can't seem to keep correct time between boot ups. The BIOS however is keeping flawless time since the battery replacement operation. And I've no idea what else it could be so I am just going to have to live with it I suppose.

I did notice it was freaky using my 15" iBook again after having spent so much time focused on the netbook and ipad. It's like my iBook jumped 14 sizes, tha thing is a beast! lol LOVE IT!!

Right then, off to the dry cleaners, and for some dinner...