I really do enjoy the weekends most of the time. And I value even more so that I get 3 days off and that they are in the middle of the week. I can get so much done and not have to worry about abbreviated hours of operation simply because the day starts with an S.

My only real qualm is that so many business's close to blasted early (before 3 am). I think one of the biggest things we could do economically is to abandon this idea that because the Sun has gone we must completely shift what we do. If we as a global society truly fully embraced the idea that there ARE 24 hours in a day and operated that way, just imagine.  There is a whole 1/3 to 1/2 of the days that is mostly ignored.

The things we could accomplish with those on the other side of the planet in their day time, why its a whole market that is really being left wanting for support and use.

Oh well.. for now I suppose I will just sit here and wait for things to finally open back up so I can call and track down what's going on. (some of my dry cleaning is missing).

Today I head back for appointment #2 with the new chiropractor. I am really hoping we make some great strides today. These insistent baby steps I keep hitting when seeing new Doc's in this field are just infuriating... well perhaps thats too strong a word, disappointing is more like it. I just really need some relief and am tired of stretching it across 6 and 10 weeks. I miss my doc from back in TN.

So much so that every time I have gone back home I have stopped in for some work to be done even though they are not covered on my insurance anymore. They are just that good.

Have I mentioned recently how much I wish my new phone would ship already? I have? Oh ok.. sorry, but I do..