I am REALLY finding myself more and more ready for a vacation. It's not really stress or burn out or any such thing. I'm just tired of going to work at the moment and need a shake up in my routine.

Turns out the move to 3rd shift wasn't really all that big of a shake up for me after all... I've adjusted rather well already after just the first week.

But before the vacation I am hoping to find a few more OT weeks like I've had these last couple. That way I can pay off the new tires I put on the truck today much quicker, rather than let it ride and be paying on them into the end of the year.

I had really wanted to spend that money on a new HD TV. But when I got the truck washed today I noticed that the tires were starting to show some signs of a fair amount of dry rot in the side walls and in between the treads. And with an upcoming road trip in the hottest part of the year I just didn't think it a good idea to wait much longer.

But wow... $800.00 bucks is NOT what I wanted to spend! I never thought about how expensive tires would be for this truck, turns out it is rolling on 17's. yeesh!

But now at least it is done, and I hopefully shouldn't have to do it again for a long time. Just one of those things in life I suppose.

But now it is the game of snapping up as much OT as possible and finding creative ways to pay it off without taking away from the already big plans of taking a big swing at my credit cards and taking another shot at my Savings account to double it before the end of the year.

If the rest of the year goes the way the first half has gone then I think this should be possible. But it's never fun to bet on the unknown. At least I have already covered the cost of the new cell phone. That's something. Now I just have to wait till the first bill comes in for the tires to see what I need to budget for minimum, and then build off of that to pay it off well before.

The good news is that I have 6 months to pay them off without having to pay interest. Which is one of the reasons I went ahead and opted to do it now, and with the shop that I went to even though they were a little bit more expensive. (not by much though) That and that they have treated me well in the past.

Ahh well... its one of those days. And now to get the rest of this day started...