Credit cards sure are handy when you need to take care of something. Note that I said need, not want... 

They are just dangerous when we want something. 

But no matter what the occasion is once the reality of what has been committed to and what is owed now sets in, well that is a different matter entirely. 

This is the part of the process when you must convince yourself for the second time that you did do the right thing and that it is worth it. It is also when you have to reconcile to redouble efforts to pay things off in a seriously big way and fast. 

It seems like I no sooner pay off a card than it has a balance again. I've paid off my paypal credit twice this year, and about am trying to figure out how to pay off my mechanic's charges a second time. At least this time it was for the new tires on the truck and not something malfunctioning. And I do have 6 months no interest to do it in... but still... I really don't want to take the full six months. 

So now all the OT I have been working will be redirected as much as which is not already spoken for or dedicated to another source. The newest effort is going to be with coming up with a way to pay off in a huge and fast way the tire purchase, without derailing the goals of paying off the primary credit card and allowing me to continue to put money away in savings. 

One of the fastest ways would be to cancel my road trip home next month and use that money to pay it off. But that isn't going to happen. I am going on this trip. Sooo now I must wait until the opportunity presents it's self to allow for a solution. And keep snapping up as much OT as I can find. 

It's bad when even your doctors think your nuts for the amount of overtime you work... 

OH well.. 

And for now I am anxiously awaiting my new phone to ship, but it is taking it's sweet time. Perhaps it is a sign that a Verizon iPhone is on the horizon and that I will finally be able to make the move? 

Who knows...