I hate feeling stupid. It’s just infuriating.

Even more so when it has to do with something technical, and when I am reading a step by step guide that is just not working and or making sense. What makes that even worse is when you go down and read the comments people have left that say “wow that was so easy, flawless, blah blah blah” ….

Nothing quite so inspires me to want to hurl a computer or whatever through a window as hitting a brick wall and seeing feedback that makes me feel like I’m the only one on the planet who is just so blessedly thick as to not be able to comprehend what apparently is so simple to everyone else.

I guess that is a lot of how I react in life in general… for those things that come just so easy for everyone else. It doesn’t matter if it is understanding something technical or if it is how a person is able to just approach life.

Or worse yet how they are able to diet and exercise, stick with it, and have success and make it all look so easy.

Why am I the one that is cursed? Why is it that will power is such a difficult concept for me? What is wrong with my wiring that I can’t seem to just “do it” like what seems like everyone else.

I get so sick of feeling like a failure at my personal life. That is assuming there is anything there to even consider a personal life and not just a conglomeration of activities that are killing time while I’m here on this planet…


And then I was given the lovely pleasure of ending my day by dealing with those who can't stand for anyone else to have an idea that might make life easier and a little more logical. And thus feel the need to argue and be condescending to people because no one else could possibly have an idea or a valid point.

But then I've only been doing the job longer than them... of course I'm also male so that's an automatic strike against me since men aren't allowed to have contributory ideas on the good ship "Estrogen"..

So what could I possibly have to offer to make lives easier. Why do I even bother...

I hate being talked down to like I'm a moron, especially when there is no reason warranting it.