The common theme of my life for 18 months now has been OVERTIME! And it's not showing any signs of changing. The big difference now though is that I am finally getting sort of ahead.

Which is nice since I have been working roughly 50-60 hours weeks this whole time and doing it in 4 days. No wonder my chiropractor thinks I'm crazy...

If I could put my shopping habits in park then it would be even easier and further along. But life is an adventure and if you don't enjoy being a consumer in the US then your missing part of it. 

OK maybe not, but I do enjoy it.

The good news is that I was able to secure enough OT for the next month to be able to ensure I have the new tires paid off by the end of August. And be able to do it without impacting my planned efforts for other debt pay down as well as the savings account. 

And best of all? I was able to work out getting the brush guard for the truck!! w00t!! Hopefully it will be in sometime in the next week or so.. And with the help of a good friend it should be straight forward and easy to install.


Now I just have to talk myself into buying the extra/replacement battery for the netbook.. It seems odd that the small purchase is the one that I take a longer pause with... I suppose priorities are odd like that lol

And best of all.... ITS THE WEEKEND!!!! wheeeee!