The latest round of projects is the upgrades and additions to the truck. The new brush guard will be here tomorrow, and the step rails should be here not long after. 

There are times when prudence is called for, and those times when if you can maintain a healthy balance, a bit of excess is allowed as well. 

Life is an interesting mix of these two. To exclude all enjoyment or higher cost excesses is to avoid living, even when it is the small tasks such as these upgrades to the truck. It is the little enrichments in life that make each day a bit more to our liking. 

There is a strong requirement though, one I am still learning even now. The requirement to balance these desires to work with in reasonable means. That if you are unable to afford such a luxury, or unable to pay it in full in 3 months or less, then it is beyond your grasp and should be set aside for either a future opportunity or put aside all together. 

Not everything is meant to be ours. 

Just as in love and life the real truth is not that he with the most toys or with the most romantic conquests wins... it is he/she who finds the balance and wisdom in enjoying what they have and adding in small portions the little additions of life that make it interesting. And by doing so, maintaining a great respect for the limitations and opportunities that we are presented. 

And now then, I must go and double check the figures to make sure I have not thrown myself beyond my balance.