...and night becomes day, what becomes of the moon and stars when the sun is out to play?

Do they simply fade away or is that they stay and fly while blinded by our star's eye?

There are more things in the sky than are on the ground but we have only yet to scrape the surface of the list of bodies and energies that yet surround us on all sides in all ways. 

To believe we have cornered the knowledge of the universe and what it means to be a part of such a vast landscape would be true and complete folly. But to not pursue such an understanding would be worse still... 

Reaching, listening, with open minds and hearts we ride the energy of the universe as it spins us and surrounds us in ways we can only imagine. 

Without the universe we are nothing, yet we are nothing compared to the universe, to be of the universe - to live within it and with it in us is the only way to be. 

Peace, and contentment come when we are something and when we find that we not only know what that something is but when we appreciate the reflection of that something. 

Even if we don't yet understand it all. 

I try very hard to be a good man, a man of virtue and trust, so that even in my times of selfishness I am able to be forgiven those momentary trips into the light fantastic.

I don't always succeed.