And the sun has gone away, all the mysteries of the dark are at play. The shadow in the dark, the sliver of moonlight in the world that is of the night. 

Creatures of a whole different veil of existence are fully into their own. 

Children are afraid of the monsters of the darkness and the mysteries of the unknown. Adults are terrified of the monsters within, and the mysteries of the known.

In these things as we age we find that all to often with all of the dangers in the world, the most dangerous thing we shall ever encounter in a personal way is that of ourselves, of the inner voice of self doubt and all too often self hatred. 

This is a voice that is not shouted down easily, is not silenced for long, and who only takes a breath when its time to take a fresh crack at the self destruction of ones own body, mind, and soul. 

But into the darkness we must each go, with luck and love we will find our way back to the light. A trip that must be afforded a journey that is required of each life. 

Until we have taken all the things of the dark and brought them to the day we are not fully ourselves, not yet a whole. To go through a life without ever having become aware of our darkness and night we do not know the full measure of who we are and of what we are capable. Nor do we know where we will, and should draw our lines and bring things to a stop. 

What are the things of each of us that we know, and know we should not entertain? If you do not acknowledge their existence, how then do you resist and abstain from their obscenities and prevent their slither into our lives as people, as vessels of light and energy to bring healing and comfort to the world around us. 

Without knowing the dark, you can not full know the light. And if you do not know the light then never shall you know your place in the universe, or the universe's place within you. 

If you do not know your dark, and are blind to the light without place and peace only staring into the vast universe, you become the nothingness, and the nothingness becomes you. 

But beware the darkness is all covering, and will swallow you whole. The journey back is not easy, and you will forever be changed. Take care to only bring the changes you wish to live with for the rest of your life. A second trip to the dark is not one that has a return, but instead is where souls sit in torment. 

My first trip through the dark has only begun.. it is a heavy and scary place. 

I pray to Ma' Universe that she will show me the light and guide me free. To shake the demons that ride my soul like some beast of burden and who lust after the agony in my eyes. 

Show me what it is to be of you, and you of me. Where and how do I find my place in such a vastness and how does such a vast and wondrous beauty find any place in something so unbeautiful as me?