There are moments in life that are hilarious. Where laughter is simple and natural. 

There are events that are centered around laughter and humor. Again it's a simple matter of knowing the appropriate response. 

But what of the moments where you are just left dumb struck by the sheer audacity of some individuals? What do you do when people are just outright hateful and disrespectful to you.

Do you respond in kind, taking on the storm cloud. Letting the darkness into your heart and mind. Until you are rumbling with the pure anger and negative energy in such a way that it just radiates off of you. 

The people around you do not even have to hear you speak, see your glare, or touch your skin. The energy in the room will just alter. People will know. 

You've walked into rooms where you could just "feel the tension" in a room. 

And yet so many discount the existence of energies in our lives, how we maintain the energy, and what kind of energy we put into the world. But yet you walk into that room and you feel the tension and the "thickness" in the air. 

You can also feel a "good mood" in the air around you too. If you are open and willing to accept the positive energy. Negative energy requires your input to maintain and grow so it will just clobber you despite if you are open to it or not.  This is why it is more commonly known. 

In the history of our species we have built stories where light defeats dark. Where good vs. evil is the commonality. And Good wins, even if it looses from time to time. It will end with good eventually winning out.. if we see it through. 

Why are these stories so common?

The ultimate opposite to a scowl and hatred is laughter and joy. 

When faced by negative in our lives, put out all the positive energy that you can muster. Push back. Defend yourself. But try not to let the darkness in even if you must loose the confrontation or just walk away without super-ceding their argument.

The win in this comes from not carrying their negativity away into your life. You get to walk away happy. 

But what about the things worth fighting for? Why bring the laughter, show them how laughable their negativity is to you and those you care about. Sarcasm can be a handy tool, be see to it that you are not using it to harm but to counter and protect that which is important and dear. 

Sometimes you just have to laugh and shake your head at those who are consumed with the negative energies in their lives and who are not content without imposing it on you. 

But do not dismiss these people, these poor lost souls who have been taken over by their negative energy. Always...ALWAYS... seek to send the positive within you, the healing energy of the universe and its mysteries to them to heal them and help them find the peace that we as people deserve and are meant to aspire to. 

Always be a beacon putting out more positive into the world than the negative that flows in counter - balance to your life. Negativity will weigh you down faster, and with less effort, the positive requires more effort to find the peace because it's so light and lifting you have to account for the negative that tries to weigh you down.