While I have several acquaintances native to the UK and I respect their concerns and point of view. I must respectfully say that these claims of anti-british sentiment are ludicrous. 

There is a very HUGE amount of distance between criticizing a COMPANY for having not followed through on their due diligence and or followed up with appropriate and measurable responses when the previous failure proved catastrophic. And allegedly bashing an entire civilization of people for said offenses. 

Yes I understand that BP is a major player in the british economy, however if it is such a cornerstone, wouldn't you want a respectable and responsible cornerstone. Not just some company with enough money that they aren't allowed to get into trouble when they fuck up? That might fly in some economies and government styles, but in western democratic/parliamentary government I was of the impression that no one was to be above the laws and or exempt from moral obligations and responsibilities to be good corporate citizens. 

Did that change somewhere?

I will also grant that you are likely used to being marginalized and mistreated given the 8 years of GWB that planet was forced to endure. But in case you missed the news clipping, we have a new president now. An intelligent one at that. 

I can't help but think that many of the leaders in the UK that are crying foul and claiming anti-british sentiments are being spewed have simply decided they enjoyed the world attention after the recent electoral upheaval and are of the mind that they must stay in the media spotlight. 

Listen up guys. No one is criticizing Britain or any of the UK. At least none of the intelligent leadership that matters. Least of all the POTUS. They are angry, and rightly so, with the handling of a catastrophe by a CORPORATION that just happens to have a name that includes its origins from years ago. 

As one contact pointed out, BP is primarily owned by US shareholders at this time. (They went on to state that this was reason to stop bashing the UK). But if we fully follow that logic that bashing BP bashes a country, wouldn't it translate that the POTUS is breathing down American necks in the correct proportion to those of the UK?

Sounds silly, doesn't it?

And to make matters worse these UK leaders are so riled up that they are demanding the PM get involved in such a nonexistent issue, that they are themselves creating a diplomatic incident. 

Absent the cries of foul play, and claims of UK bashing there would be NO incident. None. 

I certainly don't identify myself as The Ford Division of America or the KFC Branch Establishment of the Former Colonies. I am an American citizen. You are British and other nationality citizenry. 

BP is a COMPANY. They failed to take adequate precautions, and maintain maintenance standards, which lead to the eventual disaster that has exploded into a catastrophe. It was further compounded by half hearted efforts at stopping the problem, and attempts that were ill-conceived. The utter cluster-fuck that has been the BP leadership plans and actions is shocking, outrageous and despicable. 

That some Torie senator would want to claim that the actions of a company are the actions of all the people of his land and thus are at blame so that all foreign reactions are to be assumed as directed at said society, is just blatant belligerent instigating to incite hateful harsh heathenistic responses from those who would be less well informed and able to differentiate between the world of reality and that of political imagery. 

So lets be clear here, The POTUS in no way has bashed the UK in any way shape or form in response to the BP disaster. 

He HAS made a mild and appropriate start at targeting an irresponsible corporate entity in an effort to spur it into action, instead of sitting back leisurely and counting its 10 billion in dividends. For a company that rakes in such astronomical profits year after year, the cost of cleaning up this man made catastrophe are minimal in comparison. The costs required in compensating the 1000's of American citizens who have been financially devastated will likely outpace the clean up costs.

And even in total will still leave the company with profits for the year. 

The demand of this responsible reaction is appropriate. And the increased intensity should continue in proportion to the continued destruction of the Gulf of Mexico. 

No one is speaking ill of the UK citizenry or government. 

So shall we regain our perspective and eeeeevery one take a breath, remember that we are allowed to think for our selves and use our intelligence to its fullest, free of penalty?

I offer my UK friends a hug, it will be ok, you will readjust to your status as it was and has been in the media.

The POTUS is going to keep smacking BP upside the head till it stops acting like the idiot pouring oil on a fire and saying "It's not my fault."

Lets just settle the frakk down and regain our composure and focus on the task at hand, cleanup and rescue. This distraction is baseless, and does nothing to solve anything.