This is going to be a quick one, and not very eloquent.

Trouble call for internet: tech found issue, improved some, follow up apt required...

UPS Delivery: cust service swore up and down for 3 days that despite no scans or progress on tracking that package would be delivered today. Stayed up 4 hours past bed time waiting and catching 2 DIFFERENT UPS trucks on my street. No package. Now UPS says they never picked it up and I have to contact the seller.

A/C Fail: Upon reentering the apartment all hot and sweaty from being outside I am greeted by my bedroom ac making the most god awful sound and hurling water out the air vents, down the front of the ac down the wall and puddling on the floor.

Repair attempt one - wrestle giant ac out of window case while having to stand at the side to get it because of bed location without injuring back. Wet but ok. Sit ac on bed it tilts and all the rusty ick water runs out the side into said bed and down into floor making HUGE puddle. Attempt to adjust window case that apparently was installed perfectly level or facing inwards 4 years ago but just now causing a problem. Unable to adjust case. Reinsterted drained ac, wedged creative item to try to change angle of ac in window. 2 hours of silent dry running. About the time I lay down to go back to sleep - the LOUD sound returns and so does the water.

I've been awake 22 hours at this point. And worked a 13.5 hour shift.

Puts pillow over head, says fuck it and tries to sleep. 2 hours later awakened by the sound being worse than ever...

Frustration overload - contemplations of having to buy new ac. No sleep. frustrated with UPS's bullshit. Let the angry tears commence as these things stack on top of the volcano of repressed self frustrations to create a crack in the poise.

Anger leads to drastic measure to prevent cost of new ac. Praying I don't short circuit it or cause a fire.

Repair attempt #2 - Empties hall closet to get to drill in the bottom of tool box in the back. drags out giant drill bit set, finds metal drill bits. Gives AC a menacing look.

Remove front cover again, Water fully refilled... grumble. Plug in drill and begin to drill new drain holes all along the catch pan to run it off outside since it didn't want to go through the designed drain that was free and unblocked, just not working for no good reason. Water drains imediately. Turn ac back on - sound still there but fading.

5 minutes later peace.

Sleep at 745pm. Normal bed time, Noon. Normal day start. 8pm. This day was delayed until 145am.

Still no update on UPS package. Emailed seller to have efforts begun on their end.


Thank the maker for bits of good news in life.