So today I got my new phone, the HTC Droid Incredible.

So far it is living up to its name.

This is likely as close as we will get to the iphone without actually buying an iphone. Which I still want someday. But the droid is satisfying my needs and cravings. Well except for wifi tethering which seems to be a pipe dream for the moment. At least on the incredible, until someone figures out a quick/easy/safe way of rooting it without hosing it.

In the mean time...

The apps are well stocked, and hopefully growing. There are still some major players out there that haven't put up an droid version of their iphone apps that rather surprises me, ex. FedEx, USPS, IMDB, and so on...

The fact that I can type on this damn thing and not want to hurl it across the room is outstanding. Now don't get me wrong, the Omnia was nice and did well for what it was. But typing was not its strong suit. This is as close to typing on an iPhone/iPod/iPad as I have seen yet on any competitor device. And in my opinion since Apple has set the standard for touch screen typing, this is an outstanding point of development for competing devices.

The signal seems to be a bit flakey compared to other phones I have used and seen, dropping out totally or going to full strength and back again. I'm not sure I understand why though. I was afraid it was just my device, but a quick online search has shown this to be a common finding. Hopefully this is something that can be solved with a software update at some point. I tried to use it while driving down the highway today and there were 2 and 3 mile stretches that I just had no signal at all. Now I must grant that I am not sure if those are known Verizon dead spots or not, but it seemed odd that it didn't click over to at least a roamed tower or something. This will be a major point to watch for updates on.

The camera is well suited, but the photo software is lacking. It lets you edit and rotate in the viewer, but when you go to send the files it hasn't actually modified the file in a meaningful way. The simple fix for this is to download the free PhotoShop app. This seems to be the best solution.

Battery life appears to be about average for the new generation of smartphones. Which is still miles better than my old HTC PPC 6800 I was using for a couple years. I haven't done a real world test on the battery life yet, since I have been doing the data intensive downloading, and almost totally on without stop for 3-4 hours at a time I have brought it down to 23% tonight. But I imagine with normal usage it should hold up comparable and well.

This thing is light, and thin. I mean really light. I thought the jump from my old HTC into the Omnia was a weight loss, but this is just insane how light this thing is, and to fit so comfortably in my pocket. Well I'm just thrilled.

The Apps. You name it, there's an app for that. And if your like me and your VERY demanding of apps and quality and you don't find what you are looking for, it seems most things that are missing are in development. And where they aren't then you can use the well built web browser and achieve the data consumption you crave.

They used a standard charging connection port. This is a feature in its self to me. None of these crap proprietary bs "gotta buy whole new set of chargers" designs.

The over all style of it is very sleek, clean, and soothing. No outlandish designs, very understated alert lights and led's. You can have it on the charger in your bedroom and not have to wear a sleep mask because the charge lights are acting like a nightlight. A nice big screen. And just very subtle hints of color. Well done indeed.

All in all I am very happy. There are still many things I would like to see, but what is here is pretty darn.... well... Incredible.