I finally drove enough to get the gas light to kick on in the truck. I’ve only ever done that twice before in my driving career. Good to know though that there is no chime that goes with it, just an EXTREMELY subtle orange dot in the bottom corner of the dash lol…

But also good to know that it only ran me 50 bucks to fill up from E. That’s a nice bit of info to have, especially to head into an upcoming road trip.

With the exception of a rough Monday, re the UPS and A/C fiasco’s, this week really turned out well. All the parts for the truck showed up and having been ferried up to a good friends house to have installed hopefully this upcoming week. The new phone and Bluetooth came in. The phone has become my newest favorite in my tech arsenal.

My poor iPod Touch is taking a beating on the essential list though. First it got knocked down huge with the arrival of the iPad, and now with the Incredible, and it’s soon to be upgraded memory and loaded up status with the music library… yeah… the iPod is being pushed more aside than ever!! Even my TOM TOM GPS is taking a beating at the hands of this new phone.

Now the waiting list for the phone is: SlingBox, Rooting to facilitate Wifi adhoc HotSpot creation. Both of which are in progress. Just waiting on the people smarter than me to get it all set.

I need to find a good back up agent to use to totally back up my phone including apps and layout and settings. Just in case.

Things are going ok at the moment. That’s nice. A very nice change indeed.

Thanks Ma’ Universe… hug!