Well I very very nearly got my droid rooted so that I could do the wifi hotspot. Right up to the point where it should have connected to my netbook to have the install done. Then thats where things fell apart.

It just would NOT connect. I watched the video on how to and followed along step for step in time with the guy and did everything. Repeated the whole process at least 10 or 12 times. And nothing.

I did manage to get the USB tethering working with the netbook through a different app. But for some damn reason I can't get this thing to root at all. Which is required in order to create a wifi hotspot from the cell phone.

I REALLY want to get this working, hell I would even pay for it. So that I can have remote connection for my ipad etc.

One of the reasons I went ahead with the droid is that everyone I talked to said that it was just an app to make the wifi tether. Simple. What no one told me was that it required the android version of Jailbreaking. And that it was so confounded contrary.

Its really frustrating when you are using a guide and set up called SIMPLE INCREDIBLE ROOTING. There is nothing simple when the shi... don't work.

Just makes me feel incredibly stupid. And we all know how that turns out. Especially when I see comments that keep saying "oh this was so simple, anyone who cant get it running is just doing it wrong or ignorant"....


Ok so wish list as of right now... someone get the wifi hotspot functionality running on the incredible, make it truly simple as in no command line required. No fancy recovery screen hoodoo, just make it flippin work.

The other thing is for Sling Media to hurry up and release the slingplayer mobile app for android. I'm not sure what on earth they are waiting on. Seems like they should have had one out by now, its been at least a year.

Get those two things done, and I will be satisfied.

But USB tethering is progress... not much but it will do for now. I just really hate that I thought I was going to be able to wifi tether via adhoc so that I could still use my iPad mobile with the droid after hearing that there were just so many apps to do it. Making it sound like it was just a simple download and run.

Hate it when people leave out details like.. your going to have to command line hack your new phone and pray you don't frackk it up to get this working.

But more over, hey carriers - STOP CRIPPLING "SMART" PHONES! We buy them for their capabilities and reasons.