Life is a great conglomeration of changes and how we act or react to them. Where I work is a great study in how many changes can be done at what speed. So none of it is really new to me, and I really should be comfortable with it by now.

But some changes are a bit more anxiety inducing.

Tonight on my off night I am going to have to go by the office and completely pack up my desk. They are coming in the morning to start renovating our little room. Which thats nice. We are supposed to finally have desks with drawers that lock etc...

But just the OCD in me of wondering with the changes are they going to screw up how I have my computer set on the desktop? Is my computer going to be moved to a different room during the work, and if so will it come back to where it is now?

Part of this comes from finally having found a positioning on the desk that allows more support of my right arm and has almost totally stopped the searing sharp pains I was having. And if they don't build out the new desktops in such a way that allows for it to be moved off to the side then I will be right back where I was...

In pain.

It's funny how other kinds of changes to how we do our job are just fine and not anxiety inducing, but start messing with how my physical world will be arranged and all kinds of anxiety floods in.

Maybe it's a sign that I need to change more about myself, or at least have less at work. Or perhaps less invested in work?

Maybe I really am more OCD than I thought...?

I'm not sure, but it just shouldn't cause this level of frustration I don't think. Maybe I AM too high strung for my own good?