Well the sore throat is history, yey! Now my sinuses have decided to fall apart.

It seems all the irritation has lead to a lovely sinus infection...

I'm sure you all wanted to know this... But yeah nothin' much else going on in my head right now.. there's too much pressure in it right now. We are finally back in our regular office now. And as with everything there are some good things and bad things but at least I'm not knockin my knees off on the file cabinet desk drawers anymore..

They still have a bit more work to do - which means that they will have to move some of my stuff which will kick my OCD into high gear when I come back next week lol.. sigh.. I'm TRYING to keep it in check but that is more and more of a challenge especially when I don't feel good.

Yes, I'm a whiny bitch when I'm sick. blah.

I see at least one full day of sleep and rest my way soon plus bed early this morning. I WILL be better by Tuesday!! Darn it!

Right then .. off to bed with me...