I try so hard to just be nice and even keeled to each person I meet and deal with on a daily basis. I will go out of my way to be nice and to try and make their lives better or more enjoyable.

Even if it is something as simple as moving a speaker 2 feet off to one side or another because they feel like they are being blasted in the face with 80's soft rock that can't be heard across the room. Why? Because I want to keep peace and try to make people as at ease and happy as I can. Even if it is something that had not been an issue for nearly a year.

I suppose that was my fault though...

I try to be nice and offer to help out any time and any way I can so that people don't have to stress as much.

But, some take that positive energy and kindness, tramp it into the dirt - piss on it - leave it in the sun to dry then dampen it ever so slightly so as to slap you across the face with it. They aren't content to just live their lives and leave other people alone.

Control freaks have this near uncontrolable desire that they feel like their lives and every one else's lives should be made to conform to their ideals and preferences, to hell with how others feel or will be impacted by it.

And then there are just the childish spoiled brat bitchy ass "adults " that can't help but to spew their negativity all over anyone and everyone they can find. The only difference between them and an actual child is that they don't have the decency to say or do it to your face.

Well ya know what, the nice guy bit is done. I've had it, and my tolerance for stupid petty irrelevant high school bullshit has been exhausted.

No longer will I make the kind small talk, show any interest in the lives of them or those they care about. I didn't really care anyway - I was just being polite.

If you challenge me on something and I know I am correct or you decide that you want to run down the people I respect however casual the acquaintance, I am not going to bite my tongue any longer, I will stand in their defense against your petty hate filled bullshit.

I will not sit idly by while people that are worth the air that they breathe and so much more are slandered for no good reason other than petty boredom and limited intelligence.

To those that have mistaken my kindness as apathy and availability to be walked upon, who believe me so weak as to back down and are unable to discern the difference between weakness and a conscious decision to choose ones battles and attempts to just stay out of the drama...

To you idiots who believe me so worthless and weak I say, FUCK YOU!

I have a great many talents, one of which is tolerance, another being patience for many things. You have officially worn out the tolerances of both and severed any feelings of civility or respect I may have once had, held or respected out of courtesy.

If you don't like my opinion, well guess what sparky... tough shit I really don't care. I am going to do what I know and feel to be right and correct by the guidelines set for me in my aspects of life and the morals I hold important.

I'll not go out of my way for confrontation, I'll not engage you in any way beyond what is mandatory. Anything that is started will be started of your own accord.

Please be prepared for the consequences of having riled both the redneck and queen bitch in me all at the same time.