Well tomorrow is Ink Day!! woo-hoo!

I get to head up and visit my good friend and tattoo artist, Sandy! (Located at Ed's Heritage Tattoo & Body Piercing 603-893-7235)

Truly a talented artist, and even more so a really cool lady. And a wonderful friend! She knows my demons, has helped me through some of my own darker moments, and has not gone running screaming into the night...

Ink Days are always very therapeutic for me, the pain somehow is such a release for me. And I hate pain. I am actually a pretty big wuss when it comes to pain. I've built up some pretty heavy tolerances over the years just in survival of my own body hating me from day to day.

But something in this controlled and designed pain releases the frustrations, the depression pressure. It is my pressure release valve.

Plus I get to spend time with my good friend, and walk away with her art forever a part of me.

So now it's time to go get some rest in preparation for  INK DAY!