It was a good day.

I didn't get to do all that I had wanted to do. But Ink Day did happen.

And that was indeed a release I needed. Normally it is the fastest and most complete release I can have especially when I am dealing with depression. But it was well timed this week given the stress of this past week.

Or rather I should say, the stupid pointless bullshit stress that need not have existed anywhere outside of the 3rd grade.

How that became a part of  my adult working life at 28 is beyond me.

I do know however that this has firmly planted at least one new guideline in my life. I will NOT be doing any voluntary overtime with a specific shift. I don't care if they paid me quadruple time and a half, its not worth the stress and aggravation of those childish spoiled hate filled people. I'm cutting that line of negativity off from my life.

While I was sitting in the chair and the needles doing their thing through my flesh I came to the decision that there is just not going to be anymore attempts to go above and beyond to help said group, nor will I subject myself to any extended allotments of time in their presence where I have a choice.

Funny how it pops the clarity bubble and makes everything so simple when your just sitting there with the buzz of the tattoo machine and the video of Something Something Dark Side going in the background.

So I made my call today to get a letter from my doctor to take to work to allow me to move my computer to the left of center so that I can support my right arm and alleviate the searing pain in my right shoulder.

The nurse even laughed when I told her, she couldn't believe it. It was nice to know I wasn't the only one that thought it psychotic that this situation exists, but there it is...

The failed part of today however was that I was supposed to go to the midnight premier of Twilight: Eclipse with some friends. The ticket had been purchased and everything set up.

That is until I woke up this evening to my alarm clock and discovered I had a lovely screaming migraine.

I hated sending that text saying I wasn't going to be able to make it. I had been REALLY looking forward to it. Plus now I have to not only find another day to go, this time likely alone, but also pay for another ticket. grumble....

And now just a few hours after the premier of course, my headache has finally gone away and here I sit.... Sometimes I REALLY hate my body more than just the looks of it. We seems to have this mutual disdain for each other on so many levels.

Such is life I suppose...

Anyhow, In just 4.5 hours I will be at a good friends house and be getting busy doing automotive mechanical type things with tools and a vehicle life, and steel!

We will be adding the Brush Guard and Step Rails to the truck. I DO hope and pray it goes as smoothly and exactly as it should. I will be very much not happy if something goes sideways in the installation.