That is my only goal now.

It seems like no matter how hard I try it likes to follow me. I deal with one party being ridiculous and juvenile with attempted humor and just washing it off. I'm the one that gets fussed at.

Again. I just don't get it. When I worked the other side of the shift things were relatively quiet bullshit wise. But now that I've moved to 3rd apparently I'm enemy #1 of another shift. For the life of me I don't know why they feel like they can dictate to the rest of the team, and feel the need to look for problems like its their own personal missions from on high, but they sure seem to.

It's not that complicated a job, honestly. I just don't get why so many feel like they need to be up in everyone else face?

The only thing I have left to figure is that: A. I need a vacation from this bullshit. and B. They feel so insecure and are afraid the rest of us are as petty and hate filled as they are and will try to get THEM in trouble.

It's nice to be though so little of. And as for the enmity of it all, they have brought that on themselves. I have tried over and over to just ignore the bs and move on, but when I ignore it they just grab it again, start jumping up and down and yelling "hey asshole i said something stupid and pointlessly mean and nit-picky about how you used a comma in that note. Pay attention and get mad please!"

I'm done.

First the vacation - then full time hunt for a new position either within my current employer or elsewhere.