A day of independence. A day of reflection. On this day we as a people stood up and said we are our own people, we are free to be and believe what we are and will.

No one shall hinder my being where it does not harm others.

Men and women have fought and died by the thousands defending these basic rights of every American, and to protect even those that are not a citizen of this wondrous nation. We should remember solemnly their sacrifice, respect their lives and efforts, and return their good intentions each in our own way back into our own society.

To stand up and shout down others in our society, to damn them, to call them evil and hate filled is slanderous and the complete opposite what this nation was built to be.

A bastion of freedom for ALL, from religious, political, and legal persecution. Not just the self-chosen few who believe themselves worthy of determining the rights afforded to the rest.

Every year we, as a nation, gather together for feasts, celebration, joyful fellowship, and fireworks. Every year we are celebrating specifically the rights of all to be able to do the same as the next man, that we are equal and free.

Unfortunately in the vast majority of the states in this union I and millions of others are not equal. We are regarded as second class immoral citizens. Our rights to love and believe freely those whom we choose and are of legal adult ages of consent are irrelevant and non-existent. And to many those rights are outright offensive in the extreme to them. To the point of seeing imaginary evils and threats to their own lives.

The argument of same sex marriage being a threat to “traditional” marriage is stupid and illogical. There is not basis for this belief, not one fact.

The only argument that has a basis for respect is one of religion, but even there in this nation we are free to have different beliefs and not be governed by any one religion or faith.

Separation of Church and State.

How can those who claim moral majority and superiority do so in sound mind when they are denouncing love and preaching hate and intolerance?

When did hate become the accepted form of religious expression in this nation. Should we not be past this by now?

In the spirit of celebrating this freedom for all, our independence from religious and political persecution for our natural selves and beliefs where there is no intrinsic harm to those surrounding us in our society; let us gather together, and celebrate our diversity.

When you are joined around cooking out, watching fireworks, off drinking with friends, or visiting the graves of our fallen soldiers and protectors, remember that this nation was founded upon the ideals of freedom for ALL to believe and pursue their happiness unencumbered by the government or those around us. The Declaration and Constitution are an archaic outline of how we should model and check ourselves against the ideals that are the core values of this nation.

One would not still hold true the belief that African-Americans are less than a whole man, that a woman does not have the same value and rights as a man, why then would you seek to find another minority to persecute?

Again I ask, shouldn’t we be past this by now?

When you celebrate your great freedoms, remember that there are millions in this nation today that are still fighting to gain the same rights as every heterosexual in this land. There are millions still struggling for freedom and recognition in the land of the brave and the free. There are millions shouting in silence, their hearts crying out, let me be a whole citizen, I am not 2nd class, I am an American and I am free to be me.

For those that would claim that we should legislate against same sex marriage should remember their place, and it is not in the personal lives and bedrooms of the citizenry. You often claim in the same breath that government is too big and should be cut and trimmed and brought back in check. I agree. Please stop trying to tell me and my brethren whom we may and may not love and marry. And while you’re at it, let’s take that ideal and the principal of separation of church and state and remove the term marriage from the law books. The governments’ role begins and ends with the legal status of a civil recognized union for all legal adults in a one on one party agreement for domestic partnership and unionization of legal matters such as matters of finance and powers of attorney  etc.

If you need the definition of marriage to be so clearly defined as a religious and sacred vow, please take it to its proper place, your church or place of personal worship and belief. Your right it is sacred and should be respected, so let’s not sully it with government involvement and making use of a vow to espouse love and respect in a manner that would perpetuate discrimination and a prevention of love and union in its many and wondrous forms in this life.

There is more than one way to love, and the more love we find in this world the richer we are. The more we stamp out love with zealotry and hatred in the name or morality the poorer we all become.

On this day of independence and freedom, I ask you to stand up and vow to respect the sacrifice of the protectors of our nation, both living and gone… stand up and defend the freedom of ALL of our citizens, stand up and shout – WE ARE ALL FREE, WE ARE ALL ONE, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!

Please enjoy and have a safe and wonderful 4th of July. Hugs, peace, Love, and healing to you.