So far So good…..

Well it would seem that so far this week is still going OK. Though I am still cautious.

There is one event yet to happen that I am slightly nervous about, mostly given the issues of the last few weeks, and concerns of being convicted in a guilty by association thing.It really is sad, the job itself is easy enough. It can be really challenging at times. But the hardest part…the single most challenging and stress inducing… is the stupid petty drama queen’esque bullshit. That really doesn’t seem to be limited to men women or queens…

If there was just some way to come to work, just do the job and go home without the crap drama it would be nice. But alas too many personalities in too many offices who all think they know better than everyone else.

The latest thing being that apparently 1 or 2 minutes is too slow of a response time. Meanwhile if we ask something of these complaining people it takes 30minutes to an hour and we don’t dare say anything for fear of being chastised. I can’t wait till we have to clear our vacation time with all these random departments that seem to feel they have dominion over all that we do. And so often do get that dominion for reasons beyond my pay grade.

I think I may just make a sign and signature tag that says “DRAMA FREE ZONE, All violators will be ignored, and otherwise dismissed as irrelevant to the world, and my world as well.”


The countdown has officially kicked off with 4 more work shifts until I am officially on vacation. A much needed vacation. Oh dear universe a vacation of epic timing. The only way it could be better would be if it were a week longer and I was already gone on holiday…

Right then, time to wrap up a couple of last minute things from the to do list and head off to bed.