Why is it that the weeks and days of work that lead up to a vacation always seem to last forever!!!

Gah! I'm out of patience. I'm out of understanding. I'm sick of going into that place and dealing with the petty and the stupid. I truly just am over it. I am fighting the urge to look for new work. These days I walk in and want to walk right back out, and often would prefer to never come back...

I can't wait to get home and to make my first trip through that Pal's drive through, to order my favorite meal from time gone by...And then to finish a day at dinner at La Caretta.. om nom nom nomTo spend my time just sitting and relaxing no stress... to catch up with my family and friends.


Now I just need the rain to hold off long enough to install the bug shield on the truck and I can head off a happy dude.

I also discovered a great solution on the brush guards and tail light guards to either fend off rust or solve it when they start (depending on how long the money takes to put together). The local mod shop I like offered to Rhino Line them!! w00t!! And for a really good price too.

I will likely have them do the step rails at the same time. Just to be safe. I am rather hoping to be able to come up with the $ in time before this winter and just not have to deal with rust at all.

We shall see.

Ahh well another day done.. off to sleep with me...


P.S. I promise to get away from the mindless day to day drivel stuff soon. Just not had much inspiration or time to really put into it. Though I am not going to give up on this once a day post thing. A nice look back at my year should prove interesting. I hope lol