It's strange how just not talking about something can sometimes lead to relief. The knowledge that it's not coming up and not going to have to be looked at again is just nice.

Everything is nearly packed, just a couple of last minute items and we will be all ready to roll out the door. I can't wait to get on the road - though it does look like it may be a busy trip but that's ok too. The one thing I was really wanting to do that I am not going to get to do was go to DollyWood. Unfortunately I'm just not physically able to walk around a theme park right now. And that my friends is really frustrating. I had been looking forward to that.

Oh well it will still be a good visit.

Hmmm I do seem to be suffering a bit of writers  block of late, don't I? I just can't seem to dig up any topics that I can muster the energy to write about at the moment. This is going to be a long dry spell I fear.

The fun challenge is going to be keeping up with the writing while I am gone even with no internet access. Rest assured though I will still be writing even if I can't post it till back in civilization :)