In just a few short hours I will be on my way, back to my hometown, back to my past, and the people missing from my present.

In just a few short hours I will be enjoying the freedom of this land to travel at will from one place to another without hindrance of check points and barriers (other than Jersey Barriers).

In just a few more short hours I will be seeing and spending time with my family and friends whom I miss so much. Sometimes more than others, but always in my heart and mind.My life is good here in MA. It is my home now. But it is really nice to visit back home from time to time, I think somehow it has made me really appreciate it all the more than I ever could have if I were still there today.

The little things that were always at hand and easily accessed, the favorite things that I grew up with. It's all a comfort to visit.

While I can't seem myself ever moving back there to live, I really do enjoy getting to be with and see family and friends and the places that are so familiar.

Ready or not, Here I come!!