I have arrived.

It's funny how just seeing the familiar places and things brought a wistful smile to my face. Ever so slight and mild, it was just neat to roll into the area and see all the stuff I grew up knowing.

And to be able to know my way from there, just turn off the GPS while the memories did the navigation.

The first stop was to see Mom at her office, then off for food.

First food? Pal's of course. And they were serving lunch at 9 am... I do love them so!!

Then I got to the house finally and unloaded the truck and sat down to eat. Thinking I would be meeting Mom's new kitty... unfortunately the new kitty had no interest in me and so she went off to hide, until Mom was here with me. Then it was a different loving story.

Not even 12 hours in after arriving I was sitting in a church... yup I'm in the south... lol

It was a nice service - and I got to meet some of the people in my mothers life. They seemed like really genuine and kind people, and I am grateful that they have been placed in her path in life. A loving group to look after and lift up my mother in those ways That I can't be here to help look after.

While there Mom had her new Anglican Rosary blessed by the parish priest. A very pretty service. Pictures (at Mom's Request) are up on Flickr now.

After that we headed off for #2 on the food list, La Caretta... yey!!

And of course finished off the day with a Pal's classic milk shake. The kind you can't go to the new locations for -you have to go to the original. Chocolate/Vanilla/Peanut Butter... om nom nom...

And now believe it or not - at 10 pm and after even having had a nap... I'm ready for sleep...

It is an odd feeling to be back and to feel so at home, but at the same time miss my new home in MA. I can't help but wonder how my kitties are doing, and hope that everything is going OK. I love traveling and visiting home but I will be glad to be back to MY home where I can see and know things are well.

I think I am going to have to relearn how to unwind and relax... having some trouble achieving it, but it's still early yet I suppose.

Right then, off to bed - gotta be a day walker now lol..