It is rather amazing how quick one can settle into a place, even a temporary place but yet be so quickly packed and gone.

It took virtually no time at all to have the entire cabin packed, loaded into the truck, and be off on our way back down the road... It was a really good thing that I have a truck now lol... Once we were out of the cabins and headed back into civilization where cell service once again existed, we were off for a mass attack on a breakfast joint. All 15 or so of us...

I must say even though service was a bit dodgy up in the mountains I was rather impressed that we had anything at all. Even more so when my brother-in-law got my Incredible Rooted... (w00t! JOY!!) And now once again I have wifi tethering so my iPad has become truly mobile once again.

Add to that the spiffy little app that lets you throttle down the processor power used to custom setting by being a superuser, and my DROID is now PERFECT! And with absolutely amazing battery life. (20+hrs)

I just can't tell you how happy getting this taken care of has made me.

Anyway.. after a breakfast that would have killed a large horse... we were off back down the highway headed back to Kingsport. And for an evening of taking a kitty cat for a test ride in a truck, and ice cream from the Dairy Queen. Man I miss that place.

OH and have I mentioned how much Pal's is just delicious!! I REALLY wish we had them back home in MA.

All in all a lovely and productive little mini vacation inside of the primary vacation.