For cryin out loud.. can it PLEASE be winter now??

I am just not built for this high humidity sweltering miserable heat.  I honestly don't believe any of us are, and the people that crave sitting in 90+ degree weather and say its comfortable are NOT human, but some sort of lizard hybrid...

I think maybe Eve and the Snake got up to more than apple picking to be honest... yeesh! But heat or no heat, I was glad to head back to my Dad's place to work on replacing a tail light bulb that was starting to go out making it look odd when I hit the brakes. We were also able to get the last bit of the brackets for the tail light guards put in place more securely this time round. No more pressure against the light lens.

We attempted to add an LED light bar to below the tailgate while we were at it, but for whatever reason in the universe the stars just said no.. I can't express how much I appreciate the time and effort that my Dad put into helping with this project, even if it wasn't totally successful.  It was just nice to revisit the project time of the past.

Later into the evening we  (my mother and I) took off to Johnson City for a doctors appointment of her own, and for me to return the failed LED light strip. And then to Wal-Mart to pick up a TV stand for her new LCD HDTV... Which I spent the rest of the evening putting together.

I really must get an HDTV SOON!

When we are done here it will have her all in an up to date setup with the best picture quality available currently.

One of the highlights of this trip finally happened as well... I got to see my bestest friend in the whole wide world.. Ms Dawn!!

I can't wait to see her again t0morrow... It seems like the time just flies by way too quickly, and while we aren't going to get to take off to DollyWood as I had really hoped I would get to.. It will be more than a reward just getting to see and hang out with her.