Of 3 things I was certain…

Ok if you can finish that line then your cool in my book. Even if you don’t like the subject matter.

I get why people love to beat up on the Twilight series, and honestly if all you have seen of it has been the movies – I wouldn’t blame you.There is, however, something wonderfully deep and connecting in the writing from the books that makes the story so wonderful. It has been one of the few series that really struck me, and so far the only one I have ever read more than once.

It is rather unfortunate that this glorious bit of literature does not translate as well to the big screen as say… Harry Potter.

With that said however, I WILL see all of the movies and own them lol.

Today we had a lovely viewing party – My mother, myself, my aunt, 2nd cousin and cousin. Where we enjoyed the 1st two films on DVD and then piled up in two cars and headed to the theater to see Eclipse. (Which was btw, all I had hoped it would be.)

Thanks Mom for the great time and day of rest and family. The cake was just too cute too lol