Persistent lost people are just well…. Annoying…

I started my day listening to my door buzzer being buzzed almost nonstop for 20 minutes at 9pm. Now I wasn’t expecting anyone, and was busy getting ready for work. However, it was just freaky and  creepy… I didn’t answer it because well yeah.

There were no good reasons for anyone to be buzzing like that. It actually got to the point that I really rather didn’t want to walk out the front door. But when I got there – there was no one. No notes, no reason for it. It really did make me paranoid. I didn’t want to leave the apartment alone. I ended up circling back just to double check that I had locked the door. (I had)

So I ask you – if someone didn’t answer the buzzer in the first 5 minutes, wouldn’t you give up and move on?

I am thinking now that I wish I had answered it just to see what or who it was and what it was all about.

Right then I’ve rattled on for a few lines about absolutely nothing.

So I guess the biggest question is this, Does anyone know how to reset the blasted “Check Fuel Cap” message in a 2006 Ridgeline without going to the dealer? For some reason it things I didn’t place the cap fully back on after the last fueling. I think it was just the temperature change from TN to MA…