Right then a quick bit of overtime on the off day and then I was off into the full renovation of the home theater. Pictures to be posted later.

Talk about a daunting task, with everything wired together in this way and that and all just so… and working, but to take it all apart… yeesh. But it is all for a good cause… HDTV of course!

The TV is not quite here yet, but in an effort to be ready I’ve started the grand tear down. It took about 7.5 hours to get it almost totally down and sorted, complete with a rats nest pile of cables to be used later. And then to sit and wait for the TV to be delivered so that I could collapse and go on to bed.

And of course they would be running behind after having me in a FIVE HOUR DELIVERY WINDOW! Still they couldn’t hit that mark, but all’s well that ends well. The TV arrived and the kind driver DID help me get it up the stairs even though he was obligated to. It’s a good darn thing he did too, cause holy crap that thing was heavier than I anticipated.

It is a fun thing but also a tiring process of dismantling, setting aside, sorting, cleaning the area from 4 years of dust and dirt, and to begin to reset the new set up. So much so that I just barely got all the dismantling done tonight and now that the TV is here I’m off to bed to sleep.. this project is going to have to be a two day/part project.

I really can’t wait to be done, have the old TV and stand out of the way and just be settled in to my home. Again…