And now to get everything hooked back up. That was the plan for today. And it kind of worked. Except for the fun fact that even though the TV said it had an audio output which was to be a crucial point in the wiring design, it in fact does NOT!


Sooo this means it’s a bit of waiting for the total completion to be in place. And one more bit of equipment to order to make this whole thing work right.

Ahh well it’s worth it.

And now for the Cable Card Adventure! At least going in I knew that having a cable card set up was going to be a challenge, at least at first. The initial set up on these things is always a bit of a… challenge.

To add a further bit of challenge to it they sent out a tech who has been with the company for 3 months, and has never installed a cable card. EVER! He got started and got a good bit of it done and then the next hour or so was spent waiting for an area Tech Supervisor to come by to help walk him through the rest and get it going…

If only this was the last bump.

With both gentlemen working at this, and me sitting idly by and anxiously awaiting the delivery of the new PS3 (did I mention I ordered a PS3? Happy Christmas to me, thanks to Mom’s lovely help!), they spent another 3 hours swapping cards, calling them in, testing and trying to figure out why these same 6 stations would not come in.

It came to a point that the original Tech was sent on to his next job, and the supervisor had two meetings he had to be at. So it was agreed to let things sit and he would return to work on it after his meetings.

I opted to take a nap at this point since I had been awake since 11pm the night before and it was now 1pm.

A few short hours he returns, more cable cards in hand and ready to go at it again for another 3 hours. Still no luck. At the end of his day he proclaimed he would need to get with dispatch and the headend to figure out what is going on and would bring back a 2nd tuning adapter to try and set things right. I agreed, he left and now I’m off to fall into bed.

Not exactly the day I’d had planned, but at least I was expecting the challenge going in.