I’m worn tha frakk out….Physically and mentally drained.

This has been an odyssey of a weekend, and not a restful one at that. This morning the Tech sup did make it back and we discovered after more work and the 2nd tuning adapter, that it’s not an equipment problem but in fact a limitation on the system. This took another 2 hours to figure out. But I can live with that. There is really only one channel that I am disappointed in not having and that is Bravo HD. Not that I actually watch it all that much anymore anyway.

The PS3 is in, installed, mostly set up, and my new gamer tag created – the same as my X-Box Live gamer tag. Now I just have to find some new people or old people or just people to add to that friends list. It’s odd how life has truly become a collection of friends lists and who has who on their list. Like we’ve all become life size trading cards and want to collect them all!

Anyhow, the living room is sort of less of a disaster right now. The old rear projection TV and equipment rack is off to the side but still filling a huge portion of the room. I can’t wait to have it out of the way. And to finish the last of the furniture swapping. I have a few more small plans for the room that I think will make it flow a bit better and then I think I shall be happy. But I can’t do much else until I get the TV out of the way.

In the meantime the harmony Universal remote has been set back up and rebuilt with the new equipment and design needs. I was slightly dismayed to discover that to make it work with the PS3 I will have to get yet another bit or equipment, of course another 40 bucks. But it will make it so that the universal can control it and use it as a proper BlueRay player. That in tandem with the as yet to be received remote multi device switch that will be used to connect all of the audio for these devices off into the home theater will complete out the set up nearly.

It seems in TiVo’s infinite wisdom, in addition to demanding cable cards I will also have to find a way to split the output of box with the home theater in order to have audio on my SlingBox as well. Sigh… it’s always the glitch little bits that drain you dry…

This now just leaves the setup of 22 season passes on the TiVo from the old TiVo and to get it all sorted and checked for interferences.

And now I’m off to bed entirely too late.. it’s going to be a long night back to work…