Sometimes the cancellation of plans is a good thing. It can provide all kinds of opportunities. Time to do the things that have been put off, to complete the things that are put off for any of a myriad of reasons.

This occasion however allowed me to do some things that both made me feel better and my home. I used the newly available time to both work on putting away more things from the remaking of the living room, and to rearrange some bits of furniture that I’ve been wanting to do since I moved in but that the old TV prevented.

Why I even got a bit of cleaning done, with the furniture pulled out I went after the stowaway cat hair that had moved itself to the nether regions out of site and reach of normal cleaning.

You wouldn’t believe what I found; cat toys, army men, hair, and even a laser pointer I didn’t know that I was missing. And a few other things…

At any rate, I got to enjoy the new TV a bit and even enjoy the new feel of the living room… well sorta… I’ve still got to kick that blasted behemoth of a TV out.

Strange how over joyed and excited you can be at getting something and then just a few short years later you can’t be rid of it soon enough, even if it is in working order…

Though I must say it will be a great worry off my mind to know that I now have one less thing that I’d never have been able to manage on my own if need ever arose.

Rather nice feeling even that bit more self sufficient, even if its just and odd bit of life.

Right then… Night !