There are many things in life that give you pause and reflection, things that make you really step back and wonder how we got to where we are and how we are going to get to where we need to be…

One of the fastest ways to take stock of your circumstances is… a budget for a full year at one shot. Really focuses the brain on where your spending your money. And how little you have sometimes. Money wise of course.

I’ve made a fair amount of hefty purchases this year, and paid off a set of cards once and about to do it all a second time in 12 months. That’s from max to zero. I’m way at max right now on one of my cards that I keep thinking I will get paid off and never seem to get more than 100 away from maxed for longer than a month at a time. It’s really very frustrating, if I am manage to put things on hold long enough and bank enough OT and actually get it paid off then all the stuff that is auto paid by that card could be just paid and done – not charged.

Right then, anyway…

It’s the weekend!! Soooo flippin happy. I can’t wait to just SLEEP! And hopefully get the old TV out to its new home this week.

I really want to do a REAL blog post sometime this week, not just more like this and the last few weeks that has been a recount of the days happening. Something introspective and though provoking. But Im’a need a nights’ sleep and a nap first before I have the energy to put into something like that.

I hope that all you wonderful people out there are having a great Monday and have a great rest of the week.