Yawnnn…. Sigh J A lovely day of sleep and getting myself back on schedule. Oh and finally unpacking my luggage and putting it away from my trip nearly a month ago. I’m not sure why but that always takes me forever to unpack when I get home. But I had motivation this time.

Well two motivations, one I needed to get stuff out of my way I couldn’t take feeling closed in anymore. And two there was a small bag of cat food that spilled into my suitcase and I needed to feed the cats lol…

And I have come to a conclusion… I need to add a Roku Box to my bedroom set up so that I can have my Netflix on demand in there with me, not to mention the other programming available. But that is going to have to wait until I either find a really good deal or save up enough to buy one new out right…

I’m trying to kick myself over into payoff mode again and an OT vampire (read as soaking up every last bit of overtime I can find to rebuild my savings and pay off the recent electronics spending spree)

It is really wonderful the shift in energy in your living space when things are cleaned, or at least put away and mostly clean. The bits and parts all up and running as they should, and just being able to walk through the home and move freely. It’s like you can breathe easier, but not so much breathe with the lungs, but that the soul, self-energy can flow more freely and in a healing manner.

I can even feel a good portion of my mood lifting to where I feel it should be.

Hopefully that translates to a smoother transition for the felines as well..

Right then, off to bed. Back to bed rather.