Ok so that sounds very much more exciting than it really was. It was simply a long night. Gotta love the overtime.

But still it is a method to the madness. It allows me to be amongst people, albeit while at work, but something that likely wouldn't otherwise be. And the overnight really is far less stressful. Sometimes I, like many others, simply become gifted at letting the petty and inconsequential balloon into something much more than it ever was or will be.

Just have to remember to take a pin and pop that balloon from time to time. Otherwise it might just carry us away.

Right then, at least its the weekend. And I have big plans. I'm going to hang 3 shades, and not leave the apartment again till time to go back to work on Thursday. Exciting stuff huh? Well it is for me, It's been far too long since I have had a nice peaceful weekend where I just didn't have anything major to do.

Now then off to relax with a bit of TV and then off to dream land.