Ahh thats much more like it. The new shades are hung with care.. well with well meaning anyway.

And the TV is once more viewable in the annoying sunshine hours of the day. And all done with only one near disaster! Why I say thats well done indeed!

Right, the disaster.... So I have these wooden end tables that are rather sturdy, far more so than any of the step stools I've seen. And as I was stepping up onto one to work on mounting the last shade bracket, I managed to place my foot just so and apply the proper amount of angular force to flip it over with at least 530lbs of force into my shin and so that my foot and rest of me dropped a good 2 feet solid to the floor before being brought to my knees in pain with the subsequent flip to my shin.

It's a lovely bruise let me tell ya.

At any rate.. as long as there are curtains up you would never know that two of the shades weren't long enough and had to be mounted lower. I suppose they shall be staying if/when I ever move. Just inspiration for the next person to hand a proper curtain I suppose :)

And now, well now I'm off to take a pain killer and muscle relaxer to go off to dreamland in a proper stupor with.